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Nuestras Historias en Familia

(Our Stories within Family)

A prevention project for Latino families

Nuestras Historias en Familia

   The prevention project “Nuestras Historias en Familia” (Our Stories Within Family) is designed to address the effects of dissonant acculturation between immigrant parents and children and to support Latino families in the overall process of selective acculturation.

   More specifically, the project “Nuestras Historias en Familia”, uses storytelling, Latino dichos and mythologies, as a structuring metaphor for the exploration of immigration experiences to help participants construct meaning and identity and reestablish social and cultural ties broken by immigration.  We employ a strength-based narrative methodology to enable parents and children to develop empowering stories about their lives, which are rooted in their cultural and social histories.

   The project is still in development as part of my work at the Child Therapy Institute of Marin.

The resilient stories with ancient roots

hidden within our painful memories,

once open windows

may bring the light and spirit

essential to live a plentiful life  



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