Ella Aúlla su Luna

(Ella Howls her Moon)

A storytelling performance becoming a 3D interactive book

Nuestras Historias en Familia

A woman walks barefoot

and encounters herself with her own desire

"Ella Aúlla Su Luna" is a collection of poems, prose and stories that are weaved together to narrate the love story of "Ella".

The entire storytelling performance is 1h and 15min but each poem/text can also stand on itself.


You can read the text, still only in Spanish, here.

Now "Ella" wants also to be bilingual and to become a book.

I am in process of translating the text and at the same moment I am collaborating with my friend and visual artist , Beatriz Chavez to bring into life the erotic images of "Ella", and create a 3 dimensional, interactive book.

Our interest is in combining realism and abstraction.