Fairytales to listen, to play with, and to draw

Nuestras Historias en Familia

I have a complete serie of 'cuentos de la vida' (life fairytales) in Spanish.


Their titles figure: 

  • La semillita

  • La sinfonia del airbol

  • Cuestión de fe

  • Un bebe artistico

  • Una busqueda profunda

  • Los ciclos de la vida

  • La puerta magica

  • Un juego peligroso

  • El señor rompecabezas

  • Yo, el rio


and you can read in spanish


Some 'cuentos'  only need to be edited.

Others still need to be completed.

I am working on that with the help of my beloved friend Kiona Medina.

At the same time, I am in process of organizing to run workshops with Spanish speaking children that include the narration of the fairy tales, playing with their images and finally drawing them. 


The process will culminate in the creation of their books with illustrations made from the children.