Connect The Dots

Awaken Your Spirit

Revive  Your Self

Life-Changing Spiritual Retreat

Peru, 2021

7 days - TBA

You are a creative, a visionary, already a leader in your field or an emerging one.

You have knowledge, resources, ambitions, power or influence. But in the busy rhythms of everyday life,

you can hardly have space to attain to your desire for connection to your essence and for search of a purposeful meaning.

The Conscious Ambassadors Retreat is a thoroughly designed, 7-day retreat, to support you in this quest and help you

  • Become the best version of yourself

  • Clarify your overall purpose and goals

  • Gain empowering insights

  • Optimize your personal growth

Using traditional and modern healing disciplines, the CAR process offers an encouraging, responsible and safe environment for you who wish to engage in an authentic quest on your life. This search implies deep work on the body, emotions, mind and also spirit, through techniques and methods of cleansing, purification, regeneration and harmonization.

Reconnecting with your essence can impact positively your personal life and relationships and can provide you with insights about using your existent knowledge, intelligence, power, influence, and resources in more meaningful and wholesome ways. Today, more than ever, the world needs Conscious Ambassadors to help raise awareness about important social and environmental issues and fulfill effective solutions.

What CAR is all about:


Discover the answers to your quest:

  • In what way will I celebrate life in the very place I am?

  • How may I best serve in this world?


Meet your Guides


team of facilitators and spiritual leaders

to guide you 

before, throughout,

and after

the retreat

small photo prefil.jpg

Maria Lentzou, MA


& Movement-based Healer


Cosmin Gheorghe, MD, MFT

Psychotherapist &

Relationships Specialist


Dr. Jacques Mabit

Founding President of Takiwasi

& Sacred Plants Healer


Dr. Rosa Giove

Biomedical Monitoring

& Sacred Plants Healer


Edgardo Tuanama

Empirical Ethnobotanist

& Sacred Plants Healer

Danae Saenz.jpg

Danae Saenz, MSc

Clinical Psychologist 

& Flower Essences Specialist 


Carlos Ijuma

Empirical Ethno botanist


Jose Vela

Empirical Ethno botanist


Freedom is to find your true calling

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Our program begins on a Sunday afternoon, but you are very welcome to arrive to Tarapoto the day before, on Saturday,  at the time of your convenience.


We will be at the airport to receive you and help you accommodate at the lodging.


We can provide you information to get to know the city of Tarapoto at your desire.


  • Trust

  • Nature

  • Peace of mind

  • Rest


CAR has partnered with the world-renowned research center, Takiwasi,

or "The Singing House" in Quechua language, a Peruvian non-profit civil association, located in the city of Tarapoto, in Peruvian High-Amazon region.

The personal development Retreats and Seminars that Takiwasi offers for visitors from all over the world, help to support their humanistic mission for the Research on Traditional Medicines and the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts.



The Medicinal plants are plants that have the potential to heal, to teach

and to generate knowledge through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions.

They  have psychosomatic effects on the individual and to be safe,

need to be consumed within a ritualized and controlled context. 

This process allows to expand perception, release repressed emotions,

cleanse and strengthen the body, and reconnect with the holy dimension.

It favors dream production, remembrance of past experiences

that weren’t well-processed and deep introspection.

At CAR we provide personalized plans of the use of the medicinal plants

that are related to your personal goals and motivations for participating.

*Please note that at CAR we do NOT use Cannabis.

It is important that your system is clear from Cannabis before,

during, and for sometime after attending the retreat.


The CAR is an exclusive project designed for a very limited number of participants.

Your safety at every step of this journey is very important to us.

  • We have put in place a rigorous application process and we do a thorough medical and psychological screening to make sure that the retreat is appropriate for you as there are conditions that do not permit the use of Medicinal Plants.

  • Before the retreat we provide individual interviews and group coaching to help you define your priorities, decide what you want to accomplish in this process and prepare you for an optimized experience.

  • During the retreat we accompany you at every step, including the plant-ceremonies and the 48-hours Solitary Retreat and Plant Diet in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle to address your needs and help you process the experience; all while making sure that you also benefit of quality self-reflection time. 

  • After the retreat you receive follow-up, personalized coaching sessions, to assist you in understanding and integrating your learning and insights into your personal and/or professional life. 




Experience all the comforts of a hotel and at the same time that cozy sensation of a familiar house in between splendid forests that will fill you with peace, tranquility and very good vibrations. Located in 6 hectares of green surface, you are surrounded by leafy fruit-bearing trees and secondary forests to maintain a direct contact with nature. 


The lodging place is located only 5min walking distance from Takiwasi and 15 minutes from  the center of the city of Tarapoto. Public transport with moto-taxis is also available.


  • Wide and comfortable rooms in the bangalows

  • A deliciously healthy breakfast with local fruits

  • Terrace and dining area with kitchen

  • Direct access to river Shilcayo and its natural pools

  • Hammocks and lazy chairs to rest

  • wi-fi in common spaces

  • Laundry Facilities 

  • Luggage storage 

  • Daily cleaning of the room 

  • Excursion at Ahuashiyacu Waterfalls


The Conscious Ambassadors Retreat  (CAR) is a catalyst for Your Personal Journey. And any meaningful journey involves a Quest. As part of your Quest, we will accompany you in a nature hike toward your Rainforest tambo, where you can focus on your internal 2-day Solitary Meditation Journey, in direct connection with nature. Individual interviews will be provided from our team to help you process and integrate your experience.

Peace of mind

During the retreat your main goal is to explore, discover and better understand your inner landscape. To ensure your peace of mind and fulfill your goal, we provide you with all the information and step by step instructions needed . 

Reserve your spot

Become a Conscious Ambassador 

and use your full potential, influence and resources

to foster personal and collective well-being

$ 5, 554


What is Included

  • Group size limited to 12 people

  • Rigorous application process to ensure your safety and optimized experience

  • Experienced team of healers and facilitators to guide you throughout the retreat

  • Individual sessions and group preparatory meeting before the retreat

  • 2 days of Solitary retreat and lodging at the Botanical Reserve

  • Individualized plans of plant preparations for your Solitary Retreat

  • 2 ayahuasca sessions over 7 days

  • 1 stomach cleansing

  • Preparatory workshops, group processing and integration meetings

  • Flower baths for cleansing, purifying and strengthening

  • Individual sessions with your guides to help you process and integrate

  • Quality time for self-reflection and rest

  • 8 nights Lodging at Los Huingos – Eco Lodge with all services

  • Meals during the solitary retreat and farewell dinner

  • Transportation from/to the lodging to/from the airport of Tarapoto

  • Breakfast with delicious local fruits, suitable for working with medicinal plants

  • To explore the jungle and see native medicinal plants

  • Excursion at Ahuashiyacu Waterfalls, the most renown waterfalls in the region

  • Visit at the wildlife conservation center Urku.

  • Individualized plans of medicinal plant & flower essences recommendations to support your process after the retreat



What’s not included:


  • Airfares (international and National)

  • Transportation to/from Lima airport

  • Travel Insurance

  • Any accommodation before and after the retreat

  • Peruvian Visa costs for non EEC or USA nationals

  • Personal expenses (meals and drinks that are not provided, personal equipment etc.)

We are grateful that you can invest in your personal development and healing.

33% of your investment  goes directly to support 

the rehabilitation treatment of a local with no resources.